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            Who knew when I googled fitness photographer I would find the most amazing photographer.  All I can say is Brock Elliott has an amazing gift to find and capture that perfect look.  Brock captured some amazing shots and I can’t thank him enough!

If you are looking for an amazing photographer who will really capture what you are looking for, look no further than Brock Elliott!

You are amazing Brock, and I can’t wait to do more work with you!

PS: Your wife is also incredible! I couldn’t have gotten through my shoot without her!

Lindsay Van Briesen

“The most talented photographer that makes me look so good!”


   Thank you for being a most amazing and professional photographer while shooting me at your studio and at the gym. I love your sense of humor and creativity as it makes my work feel effortless. Hugs!

Brandy "Red" Smith

  I cannot thank Brock and Bernie enough for such an amazing shoot. I shot with them 5 months after having my son and I couldn't have picked a better photographer. It was very comfortable to work with them and my pictures speak for themselves. If you want to work with a great photographer who is also very personable and pleasant to be around I highly recommend Flex Appeal Photography, they are worth every dollar and more that you will spend. I have a lot of friends who have also had the pleasure of working with Brock and nothing but good words to go around. Lets just say you'll need to be prepared for a lot of compliments on your new pictures

Bronwen M. Blunt


Brock Elliot is the most professional and knowledgeable photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He knows how to get the shot, and how to get it fast without going through take after take. We worked both in his studio and in outside lighting and got a lot of quality shots from both the locations that we shot at. He doesn't rush the shoot, and makes sure everything is taken care of and in place so that when you arrive you start shooting. His prices are beyond reasonable and working with him is a lot of fun. Before you know it, an entire day of shooting has gone by and you have an entire portfolio worth of quality shots in one session. Brock Elliott is a true professional, and his work speaks for itself.

Robert Altmanshofer

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